The Garden Festival reviews 2013

Date: 05.09.2013.


Adam Saville – DJ Mag

"Existing as the originator — the quintessential seed from which it all sprouted — of course counts among purists. Overall, though, you get the impression that The Garden Festival, with its vibrant, brightly coloured cartoon iconography, tastefully lit vibe and sound quality that’s second-to-none, has, quite simply, captured people’s imagination. And it's easy to see why."

Seb Law – Notion Magazine

“Garden is a hidden cove of pure pleasure: discerning punters, some of the best musical programming in the festival calendar and an idyllic setting. It makes a supremely compelling case not only for being a bril;liant festival, but in defining a new model for how festivals *should* be – stuff corporate branding, acres of shops and overpriced bars, festivals are all about music, friends and good times, and that’s exactly what Garden provides.”

Stephen Titmus – Resident Advisor

“An ace up the sleeve of the Garden Festival is the offsite afterparty venue, Barbarellas. A stunning open-air club that runs till 6 AM, it offers a rare opportunity to dance under the stars, and then as dawn breaks, the early morning sun. All in all it was a fantastic week. The Garden Festival is in a fortunate position as all it needs to do to keep everyone happy is not to change a thing.”

Wil Troup – The Ransom Note

“An incredible location, good people, amazingly programmed festival in the Adriatic beauty of Tisno. Floating on lilos in the daytime listening to the likes of Last Waltz fill the air with incredible sounds at the beach bar. Evenings watching the sun go down on a boat to the tones of Bicep and Wolf Music. Late nights dancing outdoors at the incredible Barbarella’s. As the combination of a holiday and a festival go it doesn't get much better than this. Don't bring an attitude, it's not welcome here.”

Ally Byers - Data Transmission

"Maybe it's the boat, no, wooden-ship-parties, maybe it's a crowd that remains as un-cliquey and diverse as the very first beat-explorers here eight years ago or maybe it's because Garden is the kind of place where you're as likely to bump into your favourite artist jumping about on the dancefloor, high-fiving strangers as you are to see them blow it apart on one of the beautifully set beach stages. Whatever it is: this seminal Croatian festival remains our firm favourite."

Jimmy Coultas – Skiddle

“What we experienced was seven days of blissful partying and relaxation, two polar opposites but by far the best bedfellows we can think of for a jaunt away. They were threaded together perfectly by a musical policy which augments the contrasts, mining disco, funk and the myriad of music genres which have mushroomed out of them for a consistent soundtrack which is eclectic but perfectly matched. Tisno and The Garden subtly seduces you; you tend to dip in and out of the festival on account of a narrative you don’t really decide, it just happens.”

Andrzej Lukowski – Drowned in Sound

“Give me this good-spirited, beautifully put together little festival over frugging away sweatily at some superstar DJ-heavy enormofest any day.”

Ben Hillman – Music News

“The best accolade I can give to Garden Festival’s Tisno edition is the well-scheduled group of top drawer artists provided in a variety of different ways. It succeeds in catering to the discerning ear whilst being easy on the eye and sixth senses with a litany of wonderful settings, whether it be on a boat or by a beach. All whilst the Adriatic laps metronomically at the shore; a reminder that the human condition to the repetitive beat lies in nature on your doorstep.”

Amy Watson – Pulse Radio

“Arriving at Garden Festival in Tisno, Croatia, does not feel like arriving at a festival. No empty beer cans, no used cigarette butts and a reassuring lack of ponchos or umbrellas. The Adriatic Sea stretches into the distance, and this picturesque village nestles in the mountainous bay of the Dalmatian coast.”

Dan McKenna – Movement Magazine


“It was perfect, my first Garden experience and now I'm already waiting for next year’s festival.”

Eddie Hutton-Mills – Mentorn Media

“Beautiful sounds, beautiful sites, beautiful people and my baby Barbarella’s… Can’t wait to see you next year.”

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